The Ossuary in Sedlec – a site unique in the world – has been undergoing a complex renovation since 2014. If we had not started the renovation, this remarkable building would be in danger of a complete collapse. Thanks to the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the Ossuary every year, to date we have been able to repair the roof, the terraces, and part of the decorations in the interior of the lower chapel. We have also dismantled first of the four monumental pyramids. However, as the number of tourists has gone down lately, it may not be possible for us to continue with the renovation. There may not be enough funding because this costly renovation is paid for exclusively by money from tourism. Please help us continue by buying a ticket online at this website or support us at

Roman Catholic Parish Kutná Hora – Sedlec
Zámecká 127, 284 03 Kutná Hora – Sedlec, Czech Republic
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